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Monsieur Madame is proud to announce they were joined by chef Ludovic Perraudin.

Having started his career at Troisgros before becoming chef de parti at Taillevent (another 3 stars), Ludovic also worked with the prestigious Guy Savoy at his bistro, and as a chef for President Jacques Chirac.

More recently Ludovic opened an Epicerie with his family (his dad runs the popular Brasserie “au Pere Claude”). He also runs a burger joint and a couple of food trucks.

As now more than one food blog consider Ludo’s burger to be the best in Paris, it seemed logic Ludovic could help us put together the best croque monsieur.

Ludovic comes with the personality that you’d expect from a French chef who’s passionate about his food: he won’t compromise! But we trust Ludovic, of course, to be a fantastic ambassador of French Art de Vivre!